Laine & Justin Engagement – Libbie Hill

Laine & Justin Engagement – Libbie Hill

I love friends of friends! Everyone tends to surround themselves with good friends who are wonderful to be around and have good personality. So, I was excited to meet Laine and Justin, friends of a friend. Gotta love referrals! It turns out they are also friends of another friend, so even better. After our coffee date, we decided to met for a quick engagement shoot to get a shot or two to include with their wedding invitation and also to get acquainted before the big day. Laine and Justin are a fun couple to work with and their love definitely shines through. I could keep taking pictures of them, but the sun set too quickly.  I can’t wait to capture their wedding day!

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  1. Laine Peterson

    Thanks for these lovely photos, Macy! We had such a fun time with you during that little photo shoot, and we’re really looking forward to the BIG one in June! 🙂

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