Katy + Kenny – Cousiac Manor

Katy + Kenny – Cousiac Manor

I first met Katy and Kenny at another wedding. They were good friends of the bride and contributed to the wedding with talented wedding cake baking skills and DJ services. I could easily see the love that Katy and Kenny had between each other also flowed to those around them. Friends mean a lot to them and later I would find out that family love would run even deeper.

I remember getting a message from Katy about photography services for their wedding shortly after their friend’s wedding. Katy and Kenny met with me at a local Einsteins and we talked about the wedding. This was back in November and yet they had most of their wedding planned out. I could tell instantly that I would love working with them. Due to their busy schedules, we met at the lovely Cousiac Manor in New Kent County for engagement pictures the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was a bit drizzly and cold, but it did not stop them from showing their love for each other. I noticed the small things that Kenny would do to make sure Katy was comfortable and happy. The love between the two was undeniable.

For the wedding day, we got the opposite of the engagement shoot. It was nice to laugh about it on the night of the rehearsal. It was instead a hot sunny day of 95 degrees, but I think the heat index might of been a bit more. Thank goodness for the nice breeze off the river and shady locations at the venue. The heat could not stop the love and it was not just between the couple. So much work went into the preparations and the execution. Friends and family all helped out. There were small connections to the past with the present. The band leader played at Katy’s parent’s wedding and the song selections were special. Katy’s bouquet is wrapped with her mother’s wedding dress and there is a charm of her late father.

I enjoyed capturing the special moments when Kenny would light up because he was with Katy and the loving looks Katy would give Kenny. The whole wedding was splendid and memorable.

In the end, love beat out the heat. Enjoy!

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