Taekwondo Demo Team and Richmond Flying Squirrels

Taekwondo Demo Team and Richmond Flying Squirrels

If you can’t tell, one of my areas of specialty is shooting sports. I love to freeze the action! Even better is getting to do so in a grand space, like The Diamond. This past Saturday, Master Yi’s (MY) Taekwondo was invited to perform before the start of the game between the Richmond Flying Squirrels and the Trenton Thunder. For those who haven’t seen one of their demos, it usually involves Taekwondo dance to music, board breaking, self defense, and other martial arts demonstrations.

Untitled21 As the team was warming up and setting up, Nutzy and Nutasha came over to check out the action. For the record, they were members of the Flying Squirrels and not members of the demo team. The flying side kick below was a unprompted display by Nutzy. He jumped over 3 adults. Who knew he was a martial artist!

MY Taekwondo’s demo team was warmed up and ready to show their moves. Nutzy and Natasha were ready to watch from the sidelines. There was a lot of precision choreographed kicking and flag action to “Bang Bang Bang” by the South Korean Kpop band Big Bang.

Master Yi kicked off the board breaking with a powerful flying side kick. This is a series of separate photos and not a video.

Next up was a soon to be black belt. He showed off a combination of kicks.  I noticed he did a roundoff into a turning behind roundhouse kick, cartwheel, spinning kick, jumping frontsnap kick off an obstacle of a human egg, followed by a split kick. Here are some of the highlights from the series.

This young black belt nailed her board breaking. ALL 10 boards. ALL 10 spinning kicks!

Here is a double roundhouse kick combination followed by a  540 kick.

Untitled4 A display of self defense and board breaking ending in a flying side kick.

Untitled5 Check out the intensity of this black belt as he spins, jumps, and breaks all his boards.


Instructor Ryan flew up in the air and also nailed all three of his boards without touching the ground. Again, this is a series of separate photos and not a video.

Ryan_triple Here we have a display of hand techniques followed by a combination of kicks ending in a spinning kick.

Untitled8 Next up, all the whole demo team members held boards for a series of jumping turning behind roundhouse kicks, which equated to a lot of broken boards and some great height on his jumping turns. Wow!

Untitled9 This young black belt probably has the most fans. He might be young, but he can fly high with an amazing flying sidekick over his teammates.

To end the main show, they finished off with basic moves.

I got to take a break and Master Yi got a turn with the camera. Do you see me in the bottom left of the first set?


The fun didn’t end there. Master Yi still had two 90 second highlight spots between the first and second innings. For the first spot, two black belts delighted the crowd with their nunchuck skills followed by power breaking and a high flying kick. Check out the height!

Last, Master Yi and Instructor Ryan showed off some sparring skills.


Untitled17 Untitled16 What a great night at The Diamond with a fun filled performance by MY demo team. Check out Master Yi’s Taekwondo for classes, summer camp, and after school care. Feel free to leave any comments or to share!

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