Alex + Jared – Occoneechee State Park

Alex + Jared – Occoneechee State Park

I was excited when I was asked by my good friend, Alex’s mother, to take Alex and Jared’s engagement photos. I was friends with Alex before she could drive. I met Jared about two years prior and it was clear that she had fallen in love with Jared and the two of them were going to get married one day. Alex and Jared are a quiet pair, yet when they are together there is always laughter and conversation between the two of them. I knew I was going to have fun taking their wedding photos, since they were my first couple to do a out-of-the-blue piggyback ride. They also have a 1 year old rottweiler, Private, who was the ring bearer. Private was a puppy when Alex and Jared had their engagement session.

The wedding was held at Occoneechee State Park on Buggs Island Lake in Clarksville, VA, on Sunday May 22nd with a homegrown reception onsite. The weather forecast called for rain days ahead for Saturday’s rehearsal, yet seemed to only have a 20% chance of rain on Sunday. The rehearsal was good and the weather was clear with no rain cloud in sight. Sunday, on the other hand, changed and looked like it was going to rain the whole day. Although, rain can’t stop love! Mother nature was nice and Alex was able to walk down the aisle rain-free. Private decided he would rather sniff at stuff down the aisle and wanted nothing to do with the ring basket. Alex’s brother was Private’s handler and didn’t miss a step carrying the ring basket. The rain stayed away during the ceremony and through the start of the reception. They were prepared with clear ponchos for their guests. I loved how Alex’s family helped make the food, create the flower arrangements, and jump in where needed. Talk about a family affair!!! Also, I was happy I had a really wide lens to get the Alex’s side of the family.

We all (DJ and equipment too) got cozy under the covered ceremony area for dancing, portraits, cake cutting, and toasts. I will have to agree with the DJ in that the father-daughter dance to The Hokey Pokie was a first. Dad is a Virginia Tech Hokie, so of course! So much fun! There were periods of light to medium showers, but the party went on. As the guests departed and rain seemed to stop, I was able to sneak in a few more portraits, since time just seemed to slip away.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding day!

1 2_Rings_Invites 3_Jewelry 4_Dress_Shoes2 4b_Dress_BlueDadHeart 5_Rings_Bouquet 6_Bridemaids_Gifts 7_Makeup_Hair2 8_Groom_Prep 9_Groomsmen3 10_Details 11_DressOn_Parents 12_FirstTouch 12b_GroomAisle 13_Grandma_Mom_Brother 15_RingsBearer_GroomWaiting 16_BrideAisle 17_FatherBride 18_GuestVenueWideAngle 19_Readings 20_Brother_Dog 21_CeremonyWide 22_WeddingPartyCeremony 23_Guests 25_Rings_Vows 26_Kiss 27_MarriedRecession 28_WeddingParty_GuestsRecession 28b_CakeTopper_WeddingPartySign 29_Cake   31_Decoration2 30_DecorationPlants   32_Buffet 33_Reception2 34_WeddingPartyGettingFood 35_WeddingPartyTable 36_Reception3   38_Grandma 37_Bouquet 39_BridalPortrait 40_Bridesmaids1 41_Bridesmaids2 42_CakeCutting 43_CakeFans 44_Toasts1 45_Toasts2 45b_Toasts 46_Toasts3 47_FirstDance1 48_FirstDance2 49_DressDetails 50_FirstDance3 51_FirstDance4 52_FirstDance5 53_DadDance1 54_DadDance2 55_DadDance3 56_DadDance4 57_DadDance5 58_BouquetToss 59_BridalParty 60_SuperJinga 61_PrivateRings 62_BridalPortraitPrivate

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