Singletrack Maniac 50K

Singletrack Maniac 50K

It was such a fun experience shooting my first Singletrack Maniac 50K, which is the premier ultramarathon in the Williamsburg area. It had 106 entrants registered for the May 14th race. The singletrack is normally used by mountain bikes and is 75% full of roots, twists, and an elevation change of 1,500 ft. Talk about challenging! I was happy to be taking the photos instead of running. You can see my whole gallery from the race here.

8M1A0021 I got there early to capture the 7 a.m. start. The racers took off and some would finish in over 4 hours and some would be closer to 9 hrs. The race started and finished at Lois Hornsby Middle School. After the start, I hopped on a Gator and headed to one of the aid stations.

BJ3A4602     BJ3A4609

I hiked a little into Trail A and found a good spot to hangout. My first runners ran by and I decided to hike further in to change the scenery and slowly back out, so I could be at the finish by the time the winner made it there. It was quite peaceful to be in the middle of the woods.  I think I startled a few runners, who did not expect a photographer to be on the trail. I might of improved some times because people seem to run when you point a camera at them. Plus, I got a few “oh, now I have to run” laughs. I captured Superman, some thumbs up, and a lot of smiles.


BJ3A4744 BJ3A4752 BJ3A4760 BJ3A4769 BJ3A4796     BJ3A4811 BJ3A4819     BJ3A4824 BJ3A4899 BJ3A4915 BJ3A4922 BJ3A5004

I captured a good portion of the runners in the woods before ending my stint in the woods with some action at the aid station. I hopped on a Gator ride to the finish line.

8M1A0049 It was good timing. This race was notable because the winner was a female runner from Midlothian, VA. Catherine Sykes won the race in a women’s course record 4:13:06. Patrick Holmes, 35 of Washington, D.C. finished second. I used my longer telephoto lens to capture some action shots before the finish. I loved the ones where the kids joined in and helped keep their parent running. There were many friends, family, couples, even honeymooners, and great finish line celebration. I was ready to capture it all!

8M1A0289 BJ3A5088 BJ3A5077     BJ3A5106 BJ3A5115     BJ3A5140 BJ3A5152     BJ3A5191 8M1A0102     8M1A0239 BJ3A5223     BJ3A5294 8M1A0193     BJ3A5373 BJ3A5411     BJ3A5417 8M1A0290     BJ3A5472 BJ3A5529     BJ3A5535 BJ3A5558     8M1A0385 8M1A0439     BJ3A5667 8M1A0488     BJ3A5713

The race had great volunteers and was well organized. You can see the great time runners had with fellow runners, friends, and family afterwards. Not all races provide facilities for showering and great snacks and food from Moe’s. Runners got well deserved rest and nourishment. Cheers to everyone!

P.S. I wanted to highlight each runner, but there are too many to do in a blog post. So, check out my complete gallery from the race. Let me know what you think! I hope to be back next year. I’m sure this will continue to grow.

BJ3A5110     BJ3A5274

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